The Logo Is Not The Brand.

Tiny Thinking

Good people, solid research and strategic planning are the foundation for successful marketing solutions. At Tiny, we think it’s important to listen to you, as well your customers and competitors, in order to develop creative, results-driven advertising and design. And, we think it’s important to be honest and direct in building business relationships. Instead of the usual agency mumbo jumbo, we offer straight talk, plain truth and clear answers. Simply put, our clients are our partners. Our success is dependent upon yours. So we treat your business as our own. At Tiny, it’s all part of thinking big.

Tiny Thinking
Marketing Strategy

Tiny Strategic Planning

A lot of agencies give little attention to planning – rushing right to the “fun stuff”. Not Tiny. We love the fun stuff like creative concepting, designing cool logos and writing witty copy, but we also know that effective marketing is not based simply on good ideas; it’s built on a solid foundation informed by sound research. At Tiny, our recommendations are driven by accurate data, not opinions or guesswork. We’ll work with you to create a solid strategic plan customized to fit your objectives, timeline and budget. Getting it right at the start is a big deal – and a Tiny priority.

Tiny Branding

Here’s how we think about brand positioning and developing an identity:

A brand is made up of all the associations and perceptions customers have of a company, product or service. Intentionally and effectively managing those associations is what successful branding is all about.

Leading brands reflect the personality and culture of the organization, are compelling to their target audiences and have at least one feature distinguishing them from competitors.

The strongest brands make the buying decision easier and more satisfying for the customer. Brands create expectations that, when met, build customer loyalty and enable companies to charge premium prices for their goods and services.

Branding and identity are not just the job of a company’s marketing department – everyone in the organization influences what customers believe about the brand. It all plays a big part in the Tiny approach to branding.