He Was The One Who Taught Her That The Tiniest Ideas Can Make All The Difference In The World.

How Tiny Got Its Name

When Eva Voorhees, the founding principal of Tiny Advertising & Design, was trying to come up with a name for the agency she was a little perplexed. She wanted something that would describe the agency and wanted it to be a part of her – something with a little personal meaning – without being self-serving. She didn’t want to use her name because she felt the agency would be more than just about her. That’s when she started thinking of her father. Her dad was a large man – over 6’8” – with a larger heart, who always told her she could do or be anything she wanted as long as she put her mind to it and stuck with it. One of the greatest lessons her dad ever taught her was to ALWAYS keep trying and to do your best. This advice stuck with Eva over the years and had brought her success. So when thinking of a name, she remembered her dad, his teachings and his nickname – Tiny. Admittedly, Tiny was a pretty ironic name for a man who stood so tall. But that was her dad, and he was the one who taught her that the tiniest ideas can make all the difference in the world. And so, Tiny Advertising & Design was born.